Thursday, December 4, 2008

Follow the logic...

I wrote:

We were sitting on the bed playing her new board game "Sorry" when my husband told us to look outside. Snow flakes were falling. My daughter and I quickly threw on some warm clothes and our jackets and ran out on the balcony. She opened her mouth to try to catch the flakes but they were too sparse. So we held hands, jumped up and down happily til the snow disappeared. So what if it only lasted a minute. It was awesome!

My daughter's former speech therapist replied:

What are you two going to do when you've got 2 or 3 feet of snow!!!!!

My daughter's instructed response:

"We are going to make a snow WOMAN"

Need I say more?

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vchelle said...

Oh yes, she is your daughter!!! I remember receiving an email that had three or so different mini-ads within the larger ad. The ad in general was demonstrating that children learn from their surroundings and their parents... I believe it was a European ad. It was such a realistic depiction of children copying adults behavior that the message is forever submerged in my Being.

One episode showed a man in awful traffic shooting birds with this ugly face while his son was in the car with him. Later it showed the same child shooting a bird to his fellow playmates. Another episode showed a man hitting his wife in front of his son and the same child, now a man, was hitting his wife. I can't remember the third one but I do remember the words at the end of the ad and it said, "They're always listening, watching and following. So, you do the same."

I've said all of that to say this, your daughter is always listening, watching and following. And YOU ARE doing the same... (smile) She said your words... Oh Yes, she is your daughter!!!