Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The New Jacket...

I watched as he carefully and methodically used a tiny razor to remove the police patches from the sleeves of his jacket.

Her eyes shining with pride, his young daughter stood right by his side, her tiny hand resting on his broad shoulders providing the comfort he could not ask for.

I felt a weight in my heart and just as quickly released it.

It dawned on me that I was witnessing the closing of a very important chapter in his life.

He was consciously choosing practicality over prolonged sentimentality.

I sat in silence at the table as he stood up, walked over to me, and slowly put my arms through the sleeves of his new jacket.

*(copyrighted by Se'Lah)


vchelle said...

Oh my God Se'Lah, what can I say, but simply and innocently beautiful! Acceptance can be seen as vulnerability, which also is so loving and beautiful. What a release... (wink)

Anonymous said...

That is so sad. Is he holding the patches?