Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rasta Woman Chronicles: Just Warmin' Up...

So today, it was a wintery mess outside. Cold rain, sleet, snow, ice, you name it... and I still had to go to work. Before reporting for duty, I decided to have a cup of hot chocolate with my husband in a small Dunkin' Donuts. As soon as we settled in at our table, the fire alarm went off. I looked at the two state police officers sitting behind us and asked if they think we should leave. They were like, "you can out in that cold if you want but we're staying right here". Then, laughingly, they looked at their watch and the nondescript one said, "let's see how long it takes for the fire department to get here". Meanwhile, they sat there nonchalantly sipping their coffee.

The clock kept ticking. The alarm kept blaring. A woman seeking respite from the bitter cold opened the door. She heard the alarm and instinctively released the door handle as if someone just spilled hot coffee on her skin. She continued along her way. We all laughed.

Then the bald-head policeman (no pun intended) said, "I bet they are finishing up their last joint before they come here". And then I wondered to myself, were I not sitting here with my long, distinct dreadlocks proudly on display, would this have been the comment he would have made?


vchelle said...

My question - why is a policeman on duty, it appears, commenting about a "joint" period for whatever reason? Since he made the comment, yes, he would have made it anyway even if you weren't in is view. But, the fact that you heard it, I would say he was comfortable with you hearing it because of his ego (belief system) period and because of your beautiful dreadlocks. Makes you go, "hmmm."

Anonymous said...

I don’t think they meant anything about rasta’s, I think they are classing the people that are fire fighters. But if you noticed, most people who are fire fighters smoke. That is what I have noticed, but sometimes what you see is not always true. But that is funny as hell.