Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rasta Woman Chronicles: Colour...

When I was a little girl, my grandmother asked how I would describe my favourite colour to someone who has been completely blind all their life. Someone who has never had the opportunity to see colour or light but lived their entire life in complete darkness. I really wanted to describe the colour green, but I couldn't help but close my eyes, being still for a moment, and imagine what it was like to be blind.

*How would you describe your favourite colour to a blind person?


christina said...

Hmm... soft, like the feeling of a rose petal. Cool and sweet, like the taste of lemonade.


Anonymous said...

green. olive green, army green, apple green, jamaica green, british racing green, sage green. green, that's the colour i like.

Toni said...

Red - like the warmth of the sun, like a crisp, juicy apple, like the beat of your heart, like passion and love.

Operaton You said...

Plush, rich and deep at the same time very bright. Then I would give a flower for him/her to feel, touch and smell the color of purple.

Anonymous said...

Pinkish-Peach color. Soft like the fuzz on a peach. Sweet like the smell of a rose. Smooth like the inside of a shell.

What an interesting question. Very thought provoking.

Relyn Lawson said...

I thought immediately of Hailstones and Halibut Bones by Mary O'Neill. Have you read it? I think you'd love it. Here's one of the poems:

What is Purple?

Time is purple just before night
when most people turn on the light,
but if you don't it's a beautiful sight.

Asters are purple
there's purple ink
purples more popular than you think!
It's sort of great grandmother to pink.......

There's purple jam and purple jelly.
A purple bruise next day will tell
where you landed when you fell.

The purple feeling is rather put-out.
The purple look is a definate pout.
The purple sound is the loveliest thing.
It's a violet opening in the spring.

Anonymous said...

You know that is a wonderful observation she gave.

My grandmother was blind, but not all her life. She had a hard life from what I understand, but she would always know when I came into the house after not seeing me or hearing from me for years.