Friday, April 24, 2009

Conscious Friday: Morgan Heritage...

*Morgan Heritage: Don't Haffi Dread

*Morgan Heritage: Chant We A Go Chant

*Morgan Heritage: Down by the River (live)

Wishing everyone a Conscious Friday and divine weekend.
One Love massive!


Christina said...

A conscious Friday to you as well! Thanks for sharing the lovely tunes.

margie said...

yay, something new for me. morgan heritage. have a wonderful weekend. by the way, send me your address, you won the mr. potato head contest.

sunnymama said...

I love your music selections! Hope you have a divine weekend too :)

vchelle said...

Ok, I'm going to buy Morgan Heritage today!!! Love this.. I think I'm going to start with buying the CD that has "Don't Haffi Dread." I love, I know it's not exactly correct, but "You don't have to dread to be Rasta....conception of the heart! Love, love this one!