Saturday, June 6, 2009

who am i?...

i could tell right now but that would defeat the purpose, wouldn't it? one thing i can tell you is that this gratuitous picture of a swan has nothing to do with who i am. :)

tender breasts
feeling bloated
emotions intensify
weird food cravings
tears flowing like a river
the world is coming to an end
worst yet, if it appears on a full moon
and yes, every month of your life
you will experience this
to varying degrees
who am i?

*any of this sounds at all familiar to you?

*if you enjoyed this riddle, see also period 3D


Gayle said...

Ahh, yes, this does sound familiar. Happily, some months I experience none of this. I don't know why. When I do, it is not fun.

When I started to read this and saw the first line, tender breasts, I looked back up at the photo and thought, hunh? Haha! I don't suppose swans have to put up with that! (Although who knows, maybe they do.)

Operaton You said...

ahhhh P.M.S. I'm soooo grateful that I've recovered THIS WEEK.. No matter how much I acknowledge that it is P.M.S. time so that I be careful of what I say and how I respond, I realize I've said and responded in a way that reflect P.M.S. oops.. I try!!

the prisoner's wife said...

LOL...i thought you were gon be pregnant.

thankfully i don't do too much PMSin, but that sounded like me carrying my son.

Umā said...

Very familiar, ugh.

Tan Family said...

I thought you were pregnant, too! I used to feel all of these things every month until I became a raw vegan. Now, no more PMS. It's really amazing...just thought I'd share. :)

christina said...

Argh..I have been there.

Wanda said...

Menopause has its benefits.

Unknown said...

I remember those days. :) glad they are looong gone! :)

sunnymama said...

Because I had ivf to get pregnant with Sunnyboy my periods stopped 3 months before I got pregnant and because I breastfed they didn't start again until he was about 15 months. So I had over two years break from all this. It was good while it lasted! Back to the monthly grumpiness again now and it still always catches me by surprise. I do appreciate the good side of having periods now though (pre-sunnyboy it seemed such a rotten and pointless thing to go through each month).

Toni said...

Yes, it sounds all too familiar. Have you checked out the pill where you only have to suffer three or four times a year? If I wasn't so old and didn't have my tubes tied, I'd check into it. ;)

georgia b. said...

oh, how appropriate to see this today, as i am on the verge of getting my you-know-what. :)

thanks for stopping by my photo blog. i see your name in comments on several blogs that i frequent, but i never took the time to stop by. i'm glad i did. it's always nice to discover a new blog and find someone who is passionate about photography like i am.

gorgeous swan photo, by the way.