Monday, September 28, 2009

Inspirational Monday: misty morning...

waves curling continuously,
skipping across the once jagged rocks
whose curves are now smoothed
by her ever-flowing movement

others dance to the sandy shore,
synchronized. still dainty
playing the most soothing song
then slide back into oblivion

seagulls go parasailing
gliding through the misty air
hovering. balancing. floating on
the wind beneath their wings

the sun peeks over the horizon
come closer, she beckons
i sail out to meet her
yet she remains elusive

oh what a misty morning.

*Inspirational Monday is hosted by vchelle over at Operation You.


Sherry said...

This is a vision that I can take with me into MY necessary room to capture my 15 minutes of nothing today!! ♥

Operaton You said...

Beautiful words for a beautiful setting!!! I can feel being there to experience this beauty!!! Beautiful photo!

christina said...

this is absolutely wonderful. so rich and brilliant. makes me feel like i was there.
i am hoping you will frame this, for your home.

Shell said...

Simply beautiful words to go with a wonderful Monday.

amelia said...

love it- i miss the ocean

suvarna mollerup said...

beautiful sunrise and poetry, perfect way to start a monday!

Gayle said...

Very beautiful!

ELK said...

this is such a treat to behold..the light is perfect almost blue looking

Relyn Lawson said...

I swear I came looking for you the other day and couldn't find you. So glad you are right here where I was missing you. Hey, you.

Connie said...

so beautiful, both words and photo!

p.s. I received my "gift of jewels". Once again thanks so much for hosting this event!!!

Tracy said...

That sky thrills my spirit, Se'Lah...beautiful...beautiful...((HUGS))

sunnymama said...

That is a truly inspirational view :)

Lisa Johnson said...

What a beautiful shot! As I contemplate sleeping soon, this picture almost makes me want to get up to see the sun rise. Almost. : )