Tuesday, September 22, 2009

out of focus...

his distinct irish brogue,
boyishly playful nature.

his ever-giving spirit and
non-compromising love for mankind.

his dedication to eradicate poverty
just because.

oooh, the tenderness in his voice
brings me right back in focus.

i love you BONO.

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Christina said...

oh yes, i see him clearly.
this is love~

vchelle said...

Cool photo!! I love "non-compromising love for mankind."

Tracy said...

Somehow this out of focus makes us seem him even more clearly, Se'Lah. He is a gem out there... So glad you had a great time :o) ((HUGS))

PixieDust said...




Christine--RHP said...

you captured it--he's really a special one.

Jacqui said...

I am so glad you enjoyed this. My daughter and son in law went to see him in Glasgow and loved every moment. My son in law said he cried 3 times he was so overwhelmed with being there. xx

Gayle said...

It's so wonderful when an entertainer is so much more than that. The concert was everything you hoped it would be?!

Mel said...

*sigh*...thank you for sharing....

Cam said...

I just want to hold the camera you took this picture with...haha!

I would love to see Bono someday!

Lucky lucky!!

Relyn said...

Ooooooo - no fair!! Lucky, lucky you!! I am so excited for you!