Sunday, July 4, 2010

celebrating life...

each moment,
every day.

~ ~ ~

Off to visit my dear friend BJ today. I so admire the way in which she has chosen to live each moment to the fullest, despite being diagnosed with terminal cancer. I can hardly wait to hold her. hug her. tell her how much i really love her. celebrate life and create some lasting memories, and simply enjoy the present moment.

p.s. once again, I'd like to thank all of BJ's angels for all that you do to enhance her quality of life...your kindness towards her, a complete stranger to you all, simply melts my heart, and hers. thank you!

...hmmmm. i think i know just the thing i'll do for my random act of kindness on July 6, 2010. after all, i said no rules. ;-)

wishing you a happy and safe holiday weekend. one love.


Kass said...

How wonderful that you can be with your dear friend. And how nice that you made that beautiful quilt for her great-grandchild.

Gail said...

I feel immediately the natural, gentle essence of your blog space, of you. It is so warm and kind here. I will send along light and good energy to you and your friend -celebrating life.

Love to you
peace an dhope.....

Cinner said...

I will keep your friend in my prayers, I read the other post and that was a beautiful quilt that you made for her grandbaby, just beautiful. I am so glad you are there for one another. take care. one love

Elizabeth said...

Hej Se'Lah,

Thanks again for inviting me to your day of kindness. I just posted my experiences of today.

Have a lovely evening.

suzyQ said...

I love all of these firework shots! sounds like you have a lovely friend, and I know you are one as well.