Friday, January 21, 2011

guest post: just me...

whoo-hoo!!! i am so baby sister is getting married!!!   I cannot thank her enough for gracing my space and sharing her love story with us.  Her words of poetry simply warms my soul.  I am speechless, at this moment.
i love you Sis (waving at Em).

you're sweet like a krispy kreme

and just as rare

if I was a songwriter

I'd write your song right here

you're better than the best that ever was.

Any person that questions that last statement gets punched square in the nose...

I'm your silly, random, violent, selfless, crazy woman

and your the muse to all my poetry and potential prose

like "the perfect verse over a tight beat"

you might be proof that movie romance is attainable

the way you make me feel: in-explainable

even if I had all the world's alphabets

to make up all the possible words in the universe

I'd have to use them all

and still couldn't compose an accurate verse.

if I were a collectors edition pair of Louboutins

for sure, you'd be the matching purse.


I'm happy to be your yin

and I jest

but you know

that forever

you're my everything

'course I'll wear your ring

and 'course I'll be your wife

there's no one else with whom I'd share

this crazy thing called life

so I'll take your hand

and kung-fu grip it tight

(so you don't do that stupid swingy thing you were doing

when we went out the other night)

and we'll figure out all that other stuff

married people are supposed to do,

know why??

I'll give you three guesses,

though you should only need one to get it right...

okay, you're taking too long

so I'll just tell you why

it's 'cause I love you.

(no takesy-backsies, double pinky swear,

promise, I'll always be there

even if your feet smell,

or you start losing your hair

know, that with rogaine and odor-eaters

I will be right here)

*image captured by Keith Claytor, Time Frozen Photography.  
one love, my friends.


Anyes said...

Congratulations! What beautiful words, you can definitely feel the love. Wishing her all the best :-)

Kass said...

This is so joyous, I feel like hip-hop dancing all over the place to that poem. THE BEST!

...and the best to them.

elizabeth said...


A poem full of love and joy and laughter.

Gail said...

Blessings all around - such a beautiful love, shared and celebrated. And as sister's you are forever bonded in all things that you each encounter - there is nothing better than the love between sisters.
Congratulations all around.
Love Gail

Teresa O said...

Romantic, silly, fun, and so full of life and love. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Darcel said...

How exciting! Loved the poem. Many blessings to your sister on her wedding day and throughout her marriage.

Tracey said...

That was so awesome. A real "movie" love story. As I read closer to the end, my heart beat faster & faster. Blessings to them & all the love they can hold! :-)

m. heart said...

Fantastic, congratulations!

PixieDust said...

What a blessing for you and your family... many (((hugs)))!


margie said...

i am assuming ALL THE SISTERS will be invited to the wedding!! xoxo

Elisabeth said...

I love a wedding, almost as much as a birth. Weddings bring hope and joy as a rule, the combination of two to create something new. Congratulations.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Congratulations to your Baby Sister. I wish her all the happiness her heart can hold.
xo jj

Birdie said...

:-) lovely poem, happy :-) congratulations to the bride and groom to be!!!

Marilyn said...

Wonderful celebrating is about to commence, I am sure of that. Congratulations to the couple! Liked the words written here too.

Tracy said...

Oh, I LOVE this oozing with LOVE words post... CONGRATS to you sister! Maybe they'll have a Valentine wedding? That would be sweet. Wishing them all the best as they look forward to their big, happy day ((LOVE & HUGS))

Christina said...

this is so lovely.
sending your sis best wishes.

ELK said...

what happy news the poetic family you have my friend!!

Relyn said...

Love this. LOVE this. And a big congratulations, too.

Connie said...!

A Box of Chocolates said...

oh gosh love this congratulations sister of Se'Lah and aunty of baby Se'lah bless you my dear

Chris said...

This is not only very funny but very beautiful.

paris parfait said...

Wonderful news! Hope they are very happy together. xo