Saturday, January 8, 2011

a wave of love...

mommy daughter time
make bath fizzies and
handmade greetings cards
send love notes from angels
pray. meditate. exhale
break bread together
hug me and dance
then shower each other
in lots and lots of kisses.

how did you spend your day?

* * * 
A most special thanks to all of you for taking part in, a collective random act of kindness.  You really inspire me with your capacity for kind deeds.  I just know that your greeting cards will send a wave of love and positive vibes out into the universe, and deeply touch the hearts of the recipients:

iasablissfully unaware lounge singer

anyesfar away in the sunshine

cathievery adventures of a curious gal

vickieoperation you

cinnerthings about the who, what, when, where, and why

ELKred and gray depends on the day

lynlyn's life pixels

m.heartsecret notebooks.wild pages

lisa, lisa's chaos

tracey, quietly kickin' and screamin'

tracy, pink purl

baracka, walk by faith

chris, an inch of time

kass, the K Is no longer silent

gail, know your it's

margie, soeurs du jour

kim,  a box of chocolates

beth, be yourself...everyone else is taken

gayle, planet m files

birdie, simple ways


Anyes said...

What an awesome group of kind hearts you gathered Se'Lah, :-)

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

what a lovely post, my friend

makes me SMILE :-)

sending love,

Gail said...

Hi Se'Lah
I am so humbled to be part of the Angels Random Acts of Kindness. :-) I enjoyed writng my card today and I was thrilled to use the new box of cards and stationary and beautiful matching envelopes to create my message for my recipient. "YAY" - so that is part of what I did today. I organized the kitchen and spent time with our wonderful dog -Gracey-Blue. I did my exercises for strengthening and stretching too, ouch!! :-)
My husband works a long day today, sigh.....I call my Mom, every day, twice a day, and I also spent some time working on my book, editing it, Big job. I am at 156 pages. phew. "Thank you" for all you do to bring out the best in me and others. I so loved reading about your wonderful time with your daughter. Precious.
Love to you
peace and hope for us all

Cathie said...

beautiful acts of kindness, wonderful people, wonderful words, wonderful smiles.
many hugs to you beautiful friend.
happy day ♥

Kim Mailhot said...

Hello, Love !
I realzie that I didn't sign up for the forget me not project and I thought I had ! Oops..will fix after this not.
Sounds lik eyou and your lovely One are having perfect mother daughter tiome. So good for the heart in all kind os ways. Enjoy !
I am taking many deep breaths and packing today as I head out on a flight to Florida and adeventure tomorrow. Send me loving calm vibes, okay as I face some fears and fly alone...
Big hugs to you !One big love.

Joanna Jenkins said...

High five to all the beautiful acts of kindness. I can hear the angels singing.

Today I worked on sewing a baby blanket for my nephew and his wife-- She's due in June!

Have a great week, jj

Tracy said...

A Mommy-Daughter at-home retreat... LOVE that! So happy to join in your RAK project this time, my friend... I look forward to make a card this week! The weekend turned out to be busy, and hubby got a cold, so we were cozy at home. Happy Week :o) ((LOVE & HUGS))

A Box of Chocolates said...

what a wonderful way to spend the day i did this sort of thing with my girls and i loved it

Kass said...

Your mommy/daughter day sounds delightful.

I spent the day caring for a neighbor's dog who is dying of cancer. Hard to watch, but she's a lovely dog.

Birdie said...

Se'lah, thank you! My card has left today with some love in it ... have a wonderful day! lots of love.
ps: your mommy/daughter day is what she is going to cherish all her life and what will be giving her strength in harder times when she will be adult ... she will just soak back there with you and all will be ok ... :-)

Connie said...

Is it too late to participate? I am so behind in blogging and visiting much going on...death of m-i-l and death of a dear friend on New Year's Day as a result of breast cancer.

Chris said...

LOVE THE PHOTO!!! Also the post!! Busted camera indeed!!

Operaton You said...

Wow!!! As usual, these beautiful people jumped at the opportunity to give love and support.
As I said already, you create a platform for us to be our very best and for this, I say thank you
Se'Lah!!! I love you and I'm thankful for your soul!