Friday, February 18, 2011

on a friday night...

in my bachelorette days, when the lights come on each friday night, it was time to start choosing my new outfit to pose off in de dance hall.  no other place like it.

a smooth yet gritty kinda place
where you can really feel the music, 
fall into the arms of your king
in the dark corner over there ;)
and release the stresses of life 
or you can always step into the middle of the floor
and show dem dat you are the original dance hall queen
 (but you better know de latest - lol), 
so nice to share brotherly and sisterly love, and
lift up our consciousness to higher heights 
through word, power and sound...
even nicer still when JAH soldiers come cross.  
Big up you self Buju!  onward and upward.

wishing you a conscious friday and a divine weekend.
one love, my friends.


Anyes said...

Still praying

Marilyn said...

Have a divine weekend also. Hugs!

Kass said...

I'm dancing with you.

Cinner said...

I am dancing with you, although I am sure I don't know the latest, so they might kick me off the dance floor. lol. Love to you Se'lah

Joanna Jenkins said...

My dancing days are over but they were fun while they lasted :-)
Hope you have a wonderful week, xo jj

Tracy said...

I don't know the latest either, but dancing too! ;o) Great song today! Hubby & I were doing some "improvisation dancing" at the weekend... it was hilarious, as hubby's not a dance, and neither am I really. Free form art movement... Can we call it that?! haha... Happy Day, my friend ((LOVE & HUGS))

Tracey said...

Prayers always. Friday nite for me hasn't meant anything more than I can stay up reading cause I don't have to get up early for work! I know - too much excitement for one person, no? (LOL!)

Vickie said...

Oh yes, the days of hanging out to get your dance groove on! I did it recently and I thought to myself, "Why did I ever stop?"

Jannah and I danced our booties off!! LOL!

Sending you some new moves in peace!

Christina said...

the spirit of a good soldier can neva be chained.

one love~