Thursday, March 24, 2011

*gift of jewels* roll call...

Greetings my friends,

Only a few hours remain until registration closes for our festival of love, the *Gift of Jewels* pen pal project.  I am bouncing off the walls over here, just waiting to see which one of you beautiful souls out there I will sending my shiny jewel off you find yourself daydreaming too?  Thanks again for your wonderful participation - this project is only possible because of you!  thank you.

a simple postcard
drenched in loving words
arrives in your mailbox,
always right on time. 
can there be anything
more beautiful?

iasa, blissfully unaware lounge singer

ladyfi, lady fi

kim, a box of chocolates

elizabeth, landanna

teresha, marlie and me

sherry, indigo girl

pearl, pearl maple

brian miller, waystation one

connie, loose lemons

vickie, operation you

joanna jenkins, the fifty factor

kate i, inspired

birdie, simple ways

kamana, journalling through photos

kristin, hello sweet world

MiSspOetiCk, just me

still dreaming

baracka, walk by faith

christina, soul aperture

cathie, m.e.

*If you've already signed up but don't see your name on the list above, please forgive my inadvertence and let me know so I may include you in our little festival of love.

*Also, if you are participating and have not emailed me your mailing address, please do so before March 25, 2011.  one love.


m.e (Cathie) said...

sorry lovely Se'lah for coming too late to the party, of course i'll be in it, please put my name down.

thank you also for the loving in the mail, made me smile, made my day, I love the are just so lovely ♥

Anyes said...

You did it again, Se'Lah what a lovely group of people you assembled ;-)

margie said...

oh my sweet sister, where is my name?

Baracka said...

happy to see that im not late to join the festival of love, please sign me up..... one love and blessings to all

Kim Mailhot said...

Enjoying the anticipation and the making of some postcards filled with love, my Friend !
Happy Friday to you. Big Love !

Joanna Jenkins said...

YEAH! You have a great big group participating. I'm excited.
xo jj

Pearl Maple said...

so many names of creative people, this is going to be great fun