Thursday, August 4, 2011

on a wing of prayer...

fasting and sending positive vibes,
overflowing with peace and love,
to my haitian brothers and sisters
and their beautiful, innocent children
who are still today living
under unsanitary conditions in makeshift tents, 
while the hurricane season rains down upon them.

me? live in that situation?
absolutely unfathomable for the haves,
yet without a doubt acceptable for have nots! 
may JAH infiltrate the very air we breathe
and return civility to the hearts of men
that human life will once again be valued (above all else)
regardless of race, colour or creed.

prayers sent up. 
one love.


VM Sehy Photography said...

Wow, you have certainly put things in perspective for me. We so often take for granted how well we live here in the states. Complaining constantly about the government trying to squeeze more taxes on out of the middle class. Meanwhile forgetting there are those in the world who don't have any food in the tummys and no roof over their heads. It's a tragedy that any child should live like that. Be nice to take some of that money we spend on the war do something useful with it. I don't know how people do it in Haiti. Saying prayers, too. And bless you for thinking of them.

Tracy said...

Praying with for equality on all levels for all... Peace & Love, my dear friend :o) ((HUGS))

Kim Mailhot said...

Praying for prayers to be heard.
One Love, Beautiful Heart!

Birdie said...

Joining in the prayers Se'lah. Peace.

Chris said...

Beautiful photo, beautiful, thought-provoking post. We need to be more, much more conscious of our fellow-human beings. Your message cannot be repeated often enough.