Tuesday, January 17, 2012

inviting the bell...

Body, speech, and mind in perfect oneness ---
I send my heart along with the sound of the bell.
May the hearers awaken from forgetfulness
and transcend all anxiety and sorrow.
                                                                        (Thich Nhat Hanh)

the Most High JAH!
having felt what it is to be loved
every single day.

shelter, clothes, food, clean water
i give thanks for these blessings
meditation in a peaceful space
prayers sent up
life (exhale)... 
each breath i take.

the warm bed i cuddle in at night
i see you,
never shall i forget your suffering.
great friends like you, and all the
simple things in life that make my heart sing. 

one love, always.

*The Simple Things was created by Empress Christina.


Elisabeth said...

Powerful and that voice! Thanks for the rhythm.

Tracy said...

So much happiness & thankfulness you've shared, Se'Lah... and good music too. ;o) Happy Day, my friend ((LOVE & HUGS))

Gail said...

such lovely sentiments filled with hope and promise and humility - with music to enhance such blessings. SO nice to "be" with you this windy, cold Winter morning.
Love Gail

Joanna Jenkins said...

You've made me smile again. Thank you.
xo jj

Anonymous said...

awww what a lovely simply powerful list Se'lah! & i like Nina Simon too :-)

Cinner said...

Dear Sweet Se'lah, truly beautiful, I love her voice, so many things we are blessed with. sending you a big hug.

Tracey said...

Simply beautiful, as always.

Marilyn said...

Yes, it is the simple things that do indeed make our hearts sing.

Baracka said...

beautiful.... one love

Sharon said...

Here I am again, rereading some of your work, taking it in, feeling gratitude again, just like the first few times. Thank you.