Sunday, November 25, 2012

4 years and counting...

Today marks 4 years since we have been hanging out together in our Necessary Room!!!  Can you believe how fast time flies but one thing is for certain - it has always been an absolute joy.  So my dear friends, what shall we to do celebrate this occasion?

I was thinking that maybe we could bless the life of someone in need of upliftment by mailing them a greeting card brimming with positive vibes and love.  There's just something about personally putting pen to paper that brings about a sort of magic like no other.  

If you care to join us, please leave a comment on this post or email me at: for the person's contact information.

Let's continue to be the change we wish to see in this beautiful and abundant world.

Prayers sent up for all those in need, especially during the holiday season which can be so difficult for many.  We collectively hold you up in higher consciousness.  (Haiti, i see you)...

And seriously, this space could not exist without all of you.  THANK YOU all soooo very much!!!  I am absolutely amazed and blessed by the close friendships that have developed here.  You simply melt my heart. xoxox

one love...


Anonymous said...

I am glad we found each other again, since I moved to Wordpress it seems more difficult to keep in touch :/
Count me in. Missing you much xoxo

Congratulations on the 4th Blogaversary

Gail said...

HELLO LOVE - so wonderful to "see" you. :-) And count me in for the card share.
Nice to see you over at my place.
Love Gail

Chris O said...

4 years! Isn't is amazing how time flies? Please count me in on sending a greeting card. Love your photo.

NaturalWarrior said...

Greetings my friend!

Congratulations on the 4th year anniversary! Im rather new on you blog and it is so uplifting to me. I would love to share a card with sombody who really need it.

Peace and Love

Joanna Jenkins said...

Four years, already?!?! Time flies but I'm glad we met.

I am absolutely "in" for reaching out to others this holiday. A million thanks for YOU and your thoughtfulness.

Send hugs and love. xo jj

PS Stop by, I'm having a Christmas Giveaway!

Chris O said...

4 years! Congratulations and I can remember a time when you were thinking of giving it up. I'm glad you changed your mind! I would miss you, and your blog, terribly if you did.

SE'LAH... said...

Thanks so much for always joining hands in togetherness to bring some light into the lives of others.

one love.