Monday, January 5, 2009

Red-Letter Day: My *First* Day of Aftercare...

As is tradition, when we experience a *first* in this family, I compose a piece, written from my daughter's perspective (or what I think she could be thinking) and share with our loved ones. Today, is a *first* for me too because this one is also being published via a blog rather than only by email.


FI-NA-LLY !!! My mommy and daddy finally allowed me to be a regular kid and attend after-school care. It only took them 7 1/2 years. That's a very, very long time in kid's years.

Today, I attended my first day at an after-school programme. I was full of nervous excitement at school because I have never gone anywhere after school without my mommy and daddy in tow. When school was dismissed, I hurried to my new school bus. I got to sit in which-ever seat I wanted. Already this was looking promising.

I hadn't been at the programme for one minute before the director told me that my mommy had called to make sure I arrived. I later learned from her, (she does not hide her shame), that she had also faxed a letter to my school telling them that I was going to an after-care programme today. This would be normal if she had not already emailed my teacher twice last week and sent 2 copies of the same letter to school with me this morning. Then, she called my school this afternoon to make sure they got the note. Do you see what I am dealing with?

Anyways, my programme is awesome. I could do what-ever I want to do. No rules like school. No rules like home. Just the space I needed. Best yet, my normally, embarrassing shadows (I mean parents) were not there when I met my new friends. I had a ball.

I went sledding for the first time ever, courtesy of the programme. I sat in the middle of a sled for three. At first, I was a little bit scared of hitting a tree but I just steered around it. This was fun. The next time, I sat on the backseat but I didn't mind. This was fun. We came inside to get a break from the cold and I helped my teacher bake banana bread. I played on the piano. Then I went outside and sled some more. I came back inside and played stratego. I could do what-ever I want-ed.

That's when my mommy decided to show up. Go figure. She called my name. Since my back was already turned to her, I pretended not to hear her hoping she'd go away and let me play. She called my name again. I still didn't answer. Then she walked over and hugged and kissed me right in front of my new friends. Bummer. I quickly gathered my things and prepared to leave. As we walked out, my new friend, a cute little boy asked her if she was my mommy and then he told her that I was awesome.

Thanks Mommy and Daddy.

*MY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: (over 4 years ago)

Hi there. Today was my very first day of school. My school is across from the ocean but we don't get to go there (at least not yet). I did some colouring and I brought home one for mommy and daddy. We also sang lots of songs. I have 3 teachers and I like them all. It was rainy today so we didn't get to go outside and play.

So here's the real mommy and daddy dropped me off at 8:20 am and picked me up from school at 11:20 am. They didn't work all day. Even more disturbing, they stayed in the vicinity of my school for all 3 hours until I was dismissed. They even stopped into the office two times during school. Please talk to them and tell them that I am okay and they can really not embarrass me in school.

*MY SECOND DAY OF SCHOOL (follow-up was needed):

Well, today my Mommy & Daddy did a bit better but you still have to talk to both of them about their overly-clingy behaviour (must not be good for them and definitely not good for my reputation). They apparently stayed down the street from my school at the library trying to keep busy. Mommy called the school ONCE and my teacher told her that I was doing just fine and was busy working. I hate to admit this but she stopped by the office once today. At least they did better than yesterday (wish they would just get a life).

(a 3-day week - what is that anyhow? how can 3 days be a week?)

Well, Daddy did REALLY well today but I am sorry to say that I cannot say the same for Mommy. After leaving me in school for a whole hour, she called and volunteered to work in the office for the remainder of my school day (folding paper towels of all things...can we say desperate?). She promises to NOT continue this behaviour next week. As a matter of fact, she is banned from the ride to drop me off at school next week.

I had a lot of fun in school today. I cannot wait to go back next week. I got a treat after school for being such a big girl. I even carefully arranged my nuggets on one side and my fries on the other because unlike my mother, I love order in my life.

I'll probably have less photos to share because my Mommy will be no where near that school next week. I am cutting the strings because I am an independent diva and I cannot have her interfering with my reputation.

*MY FIRST FIELD TRIP: (a year later)

This is me on my first school bus ride. I was really excited. Of course, by now you can guess that Mommy was a chaperone.

My class went on a field trip to the bowling alley. I also have never been bowling so this too was a first. I carried and threw the bowling ball all by myself. It wasn't too heavy because I am strong.

I actually knocked down all my bowling pins and my Mommy did jump up and down hysterically in front of all my friends. How embarrassing? Once again, I had pretend that it was okay.

Although I was quite eager to go more times than was my turn, one of my teachers helped me to control my urges to throw yet another ball.

After bowling was over, we went back on the school bus and went to the park for lunch. After we had lunch, I played on the swings and slides. It was quite fun and I want to do it again soon.

*LOSING MY FIRST TOOTH: (a few months ago)

Greetings everyone!!!

Finally, after 7 seemingly endless days and nights, constant rocking with my fingers and tongue, I am pleased, yet sad, to announce the departure of my first baby tooth from my mouth. My other teeth will miss him very much. I'm also excited to announce the arrival of my first permanent tooth. She hid behind the recently departed tooth all week long. Finally tired of the divided attention, she literally pushed my baby tooth out of the way. With love, I picked up my baby tooth, cleaned it well just one more time, and gently placed him in an empty, tiny "crown royal bag" my mommy gave to me. She claims that it's purple because that's the royal colour and it even says ROYAL and crown on it which is further proof. Now, I await the arrival of the tooth fairy tonight :-)

The end.


Operaton You said...

This was so enlightening - you taking the time to think about what your daughter could or could not be saying or thinking. Too funny! It's really hilarious because you know your behavior that's why you are writing about it. LOL.. We first-time parents are so over the top!! I love it that you can be open and free about it.

Anonymous said...

She is right, let the girl grow some independence. So she can be strong. I should know, I didn’t have any, and when I got out, I went crazy.