Thursday, June 4, 2009

Conscious Friday: Women of Darfur...

There are moments when I can literally feel the pain of others. I have lots of those moments when I think about the Women of Darfur.

Imagine. You establish your lifestyle. Then one day, for no apparent reason, someone else's implementation of genocide brings the arrival of a war you had no part of. You abandon all your possessions. You leave all that you know behind to flee for your life and that of your children, should you be so lucky. But you are sometimes caught by men. Men who rape with impunity. Even worse, you sometimes are forced to watch helplessly as they rape your daughters, right before your very eyes. This is the life of the Women of Darfur.

Why are men so cruel?

I don't know how to help these Women of Darfur. They are stuck in a region with no governmental aid. They have nowhere to turn. Even as some escape the genocide into countries like Chad, the rapes continue. No government acknowledges, much less prosecutes, these brutal crimes.

I think it's time we raise our voices for the children and Women of Darfur?

*For more information, please visit

*Lucky Dube: Born to Suffer

*Lucky Dube: House of Exile


sunnymama said...

This is a very powerful post. Thank you for raising your voice for the women of Darfur.

My Conscious Friday post is the nature of unschooling.

Wanda said...

Sometimes consciousness is so painful. I hold all sisters up in prayer.

Toni said...

Thank you for this post Se'lah. The atrocities of man are unfathomable. That they can commit such acts without regard or even the slightest hint of compassion for their victim is incomprehensible. It has been going on for far too long.

margie said...

we must ask g*d to strengthen the hands of those people who are able to stop the slaughter of the children of darfur. jah bless you for always bringing us back to the table of awareness.

kath said...

Every voice that speaks brings change. If we all speak change will come. We may have to scream, cry and yell but our voices will be heard if we use them.

Unknown said...

That's so sad!

Gayle said...

In our middle school each year the 8th graders form teams to come up with and implement social action plans and the year that my oldest son was in 8th grade several of the teams worked on raising our community's awareness of the horrors of Darfur and on raising funds for Thank you for writing about this and reminding me of the lives of these women and children. I feel sad that it slipped from my mind.

christina said...

i hold these women in my heart and in my prayers.


TheChicGeek said...

So many atrocities in the world. Thank you for raising your voice for the women of Darfur.
I think if we just remember that we may be only one voice, but to one person we may mean the world. If we all just do even one thing, even a small one, we can slowly change the world!
Have a Beautiful Weekend!

Operaton You said...

Your words not only ring loudly in my ears but in my soul. A sadness came over me where I had to take a deep breath and accept that men in some parts of the country behave like barbarians 100 B.C.

This idea of ignoring and hoping that it will go away is so not acceptable. Many of us do this without intention maybe because it is hard to digest and we must confront it directly to digest.

I took a first step and signed the petition to President Obama to do something to help these women and children and I signed up to receive on-going information about the status of helping the Women of Darfur. Thank you for touching my soul and helping to take the attention off me, me, me.. I live like a Queen compared to these souls and I know one day in my lifetime, God will allow me the opportunity to be part of the peace that these souls need and want.

Thank you and much love to you!

Cam said...

I put the button on my blog.

I checked out the site, and want to join a group as soon as we move closer to the closest one available. I am so thankful that you posted this!

We must help our sisters... We have to find a way!

Unknown said...

It is unconscionable what humans can do to one another - throughout history, different groups have decided that THEY are superior and then squash other ethnicities in one horrific fashion after another.

I weep for the women of Darfur everytime I read of their lives - what kind of life is that? I am thankful every single day for my life which is free of such intense hatred. And I pray for those women, that they will endure and live through their horrors to emerge into a better world soon.

I believe I have visited before, but I am going to visit it again... thank you for your post, and reminding us all once again to be thankful for everything we have, never to take it for granted.