Monday, January 4, 2010

this one's for the birds...

a proud rooster struts his stuff.
i had forgotten how conceited they can be until we went to a farm.
and there he was in all his glory.
he walked by as if we didn't exist but he just couldn't help himself.
he had to pose for the camera.

who knew that turkeys could fan their tails like that?
this turkey kept turning in circles
daring me to take his picture
so i did.

i was sooo tempted to pluck a tail feather
but not knowing what reaction was in store
i decided against it. good thing, huh?
a black swan leans over so baby can secretively squeak in her ear
another sibling disappeared earlier in the morning.
such a soft, tender moment
wonder what they are talking about?


My Castle in Spain said...

oh..too cute !! the baby swan is much too adorable!
Are you having good weather then ?
here it's rain non stop....
May this new year bring you all the best Se'lah, lots of joy, love and peace!!

Christina said...

i strut like that... when no one is watching! ; ) lol
beautiful photos.

Marilyn said...

A lovely visit to the farm. Sweet baby whispering into the ear of his mama.

kath said...

I love that red rooster!
I love you!

cinner said...

Oh my, just wonderful, I saw a peacock with the tailfeathers all spread like that. it was beautiful. the rooster thinks he owns the place. I adore the colors. Have a great day.

vchelle said...

Wow! You and Niki sure have made best friends! I'm jealous..LOL! Oh Se'Lah, you and Niki tell such beautiful stories of life! I see you submerging yourself in capturing the essence and energy of life somewhere in some jungle!!! Can you see it? See it and become it my sistahfriend!!! Miss you!

Gillian said...

beautiful birds indeed

(great captures too)

Relyn said...

I've been so busy doing nothing much that I haven't been around to visit my friends in too long. So, though my wishes are late, I mean them with my whole heart. May your year be filled with laughter. May all your surprises be happy ones. May you remember to count your blessings. May you know each day how very much you are loved. Happy new year, my friend.

Birdie said...

aww that's so lovely :-)

Tracy said...

The swans must be speaking of love... :o) ((HUGS))

Connie said...

love the photos. Happy New Year :)

sunnymama said...

Great pictures! Hope you are having a wonderful New Year. :)

Darcel said...

That rooster is really puffing out his chest, huh?

The Turkey is beautiful.

The swans are so sweet. Just like mother and child.

Gayle said...

These are great shots! I especially love the one of the swan momma and her baby.

Tomorrow's the big day, right?!

Toni said...

Roosters ARE pretty cocky! (Get it? Cocky! I'm so funny!!) The momma swan and baby are so adorable, but I'm wondering about the sibling that disappeared...was it a temporary disappearance, or an unexplained one?