Friday, April 9, 2010

Women and Children of Darfur...

a little shrub may grow into a tree
African Proverb (Sudan)
just maybe
if i say something
will hear my voice
will help save you
from the pain
and suffering
inflicted upon you
day after day
just maybe
will hear my voice
and raise their voice
in unison
and our little voices
together become
a roaring

a little shrub
may grow
into a tree.

i think so.

*To help the Women and Children of Darfur, please take a moment and visit SAVE DARFUR.

*Have a Conscious Friday and a divine weekend. one love.


Tracy said...

Lifting my small voice, my small prayers with yours, my friend...that together they will be heard. :o) ((LOVE & HUGS))

Birdie said...

Se'lah, I think that you already are changing things. You do care and it comes deep from your heart, one can feel that. You bring our awareness to so many important subjects. Thank you. My prayers and meditations with the women and children of Darfur. One love my dear.

Lyn said...

Se'lah, I love the comnpassion you show and how you endeavor to shine light in dark places. I hear you sister ... I can barely comprehend the horrendous horrors our sisters in Darfur suffer - as well as their children. I will click on the link and do what I can. Peace.

Gayle said...

It is unthinkable that this pain and suffering exists. Thank you for always speaking up and reminding us of how we can help bring about change.

Darcel said...

Your voice is heard. Never forget that.

Thank you for those links you placed at the bottom.

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Prayers for the beautiful women and children of Darfur! I LOVE the poem!! It reminds me of how I keep saying "there has to be someone, somewhere that can help Lucy" It's a big world we live in...

Have a wonderful weekend!
Love and blessings...

suzyQ said...

this is soooo beautiful. Someone somewhere will you hear you... I will help you pray.

Natty said...

Darfur is such a difficult shituation to solve... I wonder if I will see it in peace in my life time

Have a blessed Sunday :)

Kim Living Life said...

Se'Lah, again thinking of others and making people everywhere aware. So many horrors in so many parts of the world and so often the it is the women and children that suffer the most. Thank you again for the message you bring.

SE'LAH... said...

thank YOU for raising your voices and doing what you can to support the Women and Children of Darfur. I try to remain constantly aware: "There go I, but for the grace of JAH"

one love.

patty said...

thank-you for the lift in consciousness.

Chris said...

Love this poem. Love these words.