Friday, February 11, 2011

feel the stillness...

You can imagine if
everyone on earth did have
one day where we just 
put all our minds together
regardless where the force is, as long as
it's positive, and just meditate for even
a hour that day.  
(Bob Marley)

c'mon Sistahs,
let's be still together. 
meet me wherever you are
out there in the omniverse,
if only for one minute.

at two o'clock in the afternoon
let's share a quiet moment
in the realm of our consciousness
and release positive vibes, filled of love
for someone in need of prayer.

won't you please join me?
february 14th through 20th
random act of kindness week.

*Jah Guide Buju


Elisabeth said...

I'll try, even in another time zone.

Wanda said...

Mmm...sweet hour of prayer. Lovely. Yes, my sister friend. I will join you in the presence of the Beloved.

Anyes said...

Count me in ;-)

Cindy said...

I will be there Se'lah. thank you for sending me the email, thinking of you and your family and your bff and brother. hugs to you. prayers for peace.

Tracy said...

It's almost 2pm my time... I'll get an early start... ;o) here along with you, dear friend ((LOVE & HUGS))

margie said...

as always, i will be there. i send my act of kindness off before i left for costa rica. must say that photo of buju, looking good sistah.

Gail said...

Hello love-

Oh yes, in quiet surrender -prayer - truth Yes I am with you.
Love Gail

VM Sehy Photography said...

I'll give it a go. By that time in the day, I could use a reason to slow down and calm the pace a bit.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! What a lovely thought.

Operaton You said...

Well, I will not have to do anything else because I do it every single day!!! What a joy to know that I'm part of something so wonderful and true!

Love you!

Marilyn Miller said...

For sure, count me in.

PixieDust said...

hmmm... well, what a surprise... I'm late...


Sending you (((hugs))) all the same,

christina said...

...with hands clasped.

Elizabeth Halt said...

Count me in.

Birdie said...

oh sorry I missed that ... what a wonderful post and idea, maybe we could do it again ;-) sending lots of love your way!