Friday, April 29, 2011

the frilly dress...

poverty is slavery
i used to think it a bit harsh
but as time goes on
and i witness with my own eyes
the incredible suffering on this abundant earth
the worst yet felt by those who are poor
i can now say i believe that
poverty is slavery

*  * *

almost a fortnight ago, little se'lah began to try on her frilliest, fanciest dresses.  curious little child, i thought, and then i transformed into her most loyal personal dressing room assistant.  ;)  

early this morning, right when it was time to get ready for school of course, she began frantically searching for her tiara.  after much effort, she couldn't locate it so she settled for my humble offer to put some ribbons in her hair. (note to self - buy a damn tiara for moments like these - exhale).  she was soooo happy in her dress because it was royal wedding day at school and her mommy actually let her wear a dress to school.  can you say red letter day?!

as i walked mindfully throughout my day, my heart skipped a beat as i thought about my precious little princess being so amp'd up over the royal wedding,  before i could find myself getting too engulfed in the fairytale, these sobering words, live within your means, rushed into my consciousness.  i paused for a moment to ponder the stark reality - while $60 million was spent on this one lavish wedding, there are people still living in abject poverty in british colonies today.  (exhale).  my mind wandered to the people of montserrat, haiti, japan, the southern US, those living in war torn regions of Mama Afrika, and all the sufferars around the world.  overflowing with emotion, i fell on bended knee and lifted them up in prayer.  

please remember the most vulnerable populations of the world and say a prayer for them.

have a conscious friday and a divine weekend.  one love.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

listen closely...

can you feel it?

Happy Freedom Day, South Africa!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

it's raining jewels...

do you sometimes wish
that you just could click your heels together
and make everything perfect for your loves ones?

or maybe wave a magic wand
and watch all troubles melt away
like water off a duck's goose back?

well, that may not be realistic
but a few kind words
delivered via postcard
can make all the difference. ;)

thank you Sarah for my very beautiful Gift of Jewels.
i am in awe!  i absolutely love it!!!

*for those who have yet to mail their jewel, no need to panic ;) - we live more by guidelines here in my necessary room.  life happens...believe me, it will definitely be delivered right on time.

one love.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

take time to smell the flowers...

breathe in

breathe out



Monday, April 11, 2011

happy monday...

these flowers are for you.
do you like them?
i have been missing you a lot lately
and just thought i would let you know
that i still hold you close to my heart.

~ Our Gift of Jewels are winging their way around the globe.  I do hope you receive your postcard soon.  do stop by here and let me know so that I may keep track of our precious jewels.

~ Thanks again for all those who have generously sent *Friends of Makeda* postcards to Mrs. H's preschool class.  She wanted me to tell you that they are very much appreciated and the children are all excited about receiving their own mail ;).  So far we've sent them over 50 postcards from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Kuala Lampur, Maldives, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, UK, Hawaii, Alaska and other states in the USA.  What a joy!  Thank you!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

tell someone 'i love you'...

each moment
so precious.

tell someone "i love you" today.

~ ~ ~

*Special thanks to Joanna Jenkins, author of The Fifty Factor, for her tremendous support in raising awareness about our collective random act of kindness, *Friends of Makeda*.  As of date, we have bloggers from nine different countries sending postcards to Mrs. H's preschool class. Each postcard is equally precious and greatly appreciated.  I cannot thank you all enough for doing this.  

one love.