Thursday, September 13, 2012

simple things...

feeling the love of my family and de idren, 
cuddling up with my beautiful princess. 
a deep belly laugh. sunlight softly kissing my face.
waves playfully tickling my toes along sandy shores 
listening to raindrops, pinging on a hot tin roof
as my hips sway to their natural, rhythmic song.
mmmmm...sooo sweet...

the subtle scent of a man, oops, i mean, perfume of flowers.
where, oh where, is my mind wandering off to? 
(exhale) ... back to,
chasing butterflies; catching fireflies in a jar.
watching the sun set behind the Caribbean horizon
as the full moon rises in the warm night sky.
holding a firm meditation. praising JAH!
simple things that satisfy my soul...

*special thanks to my heartical sistren, Empress Christina of Soul Aperture, for starting this therapeutic tradition of listing the "simple things" that make your heart sing.  one love.  always

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

silence sits, waiting for me...

in these moments of solitude, 
between passing showers of tears 
and momentary quakes of fears, 
silence sits, waiting for me.

i sit beside her quietly, 
but she doesn't even notice me.
thoughts frolic mercilessly across my consciousness, 

stimulating every nerve ending they can find,
even those that carefully try to hide.

echoes resound within my brain
of words that passed on by,
(some not worth repeating)
and silence sits, waiting for me.

everything is gonna be alright
stay strong and keep the faith
all will be well. be upful and bright.
sending love and blessings.
you are not alone.

silence sits,
waiting for me
and i am grateful.


*may you all be blessed with GIFT OF JEWELS ;)