Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh, the best laid plans...

If only we could accomplish all the things we plan in a day.  Seems like our responsibilities as sisters, mothers or otherwise often interject forcing us to veer off our planned course.  That is not necessarily a bad thing though.

After my last entry on Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve, my sister's car broke down.  My husband, who is the most giving person I know, accompanied me to her house to try to fix her car.  Unfortunately, it needed more parts than we could get that day.  I'm the oldest sister and she needed to be able to go to work on Friday.  I find my responsibility as the eldest sister much akin to being a mother.  I just can *not* watch any of my sisters (or sistahs for that matter) in need and carry on with "business as usual".  As family, it is my belief that we rise or fall together.

On Thanksgiving day, I sat here wondering when my sister would arrive at our home with the parts needed for my husband to repair her vehicle.  She is most certainly notoriously late.  It wasn't until afternoon when she arrived but I was very happy to see her.  She could spend some quality time with my daughter, something that she doesn't get to do often because she works 2 jobs, 7 days a week.  Today was one of her only 2 days off for the year (unless she takes a planned vacation of course).  It was awesome seeing them play the Disney Princesses DVD game and just hang out.  

Although I wished I could do more, we basically had to wait until my husband repaired my sister's vehicle.  Then I got a call from my brother...he was on his way to my house with a replacement part he bought to maintain my vehicle.  Now my daughter would see her uncle (who lives in another state 3 hours away) and her aunt.  

After spending time with both of my siblings, and with my sister's car repaired, we all headed to my uncle's house and had a great Thanksgiving Day meal with more family members of all ages.  It was awesome !!!   It couldn't have worked out better had I planned it.

Now, I get to make plans for another day soon to do all that I had planned previously as those visits planned are definitely important.

So, go with the flow of life.  When life throws you scraps, make a quilt.

One Love, Se'Lah

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Operaton You said...

Being that your sister work so many hours every day of the week, her car "sickness" gave all of you an opportunity to spend quality time together. Otherwise, she would have been working. So, living and accepting the present moment no matter what it is, it's always a gift!