Sunday, December 14, 2008

Montserrat recently featured on ABC Television...

Below please find some recent media coverage on Montserrat - The Emerald Isle of the Caribbean:

Montserrat featured on the ABC Television
By Cherise Aymer
Published: November 25, 2008

Montserrat was featured on the ABC Television's Good Morning America weekend edition programme on Sunday November 16th, 2008. Good Morning America's Weekend Edition is nationally televised in the US and around the world to an audience of about 15 million viewers. It ends with a "Weekend Windows" piece in which a place of great beauty and interest is highlighted and Montserrat was the first Caribbean country to be featured.

A three (3) person film crew from Good Morning America visited Montserrat on 30th October 2008 to film segment and they were facilitated by the Montserrat Tourist Board. To view the piece online see link below (the video is on the right hand side of the page -*view more video results* November 16, 2008 entry).

An editorial piece on Montserrat was also done for ABCs website (see link below)

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