Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No line on the hor i zon...

I have waited for this day for a long, long, loooooong time. The release of U2's new album - NO LINE ON THE HOR I ZON. I did not read or listen to any reviews because I did not want anyone to spoil the experience for me or influence my ultimate opinion. I wanted to judge it for myself.

Aren't I glad I waited??? My friends all know that I absolutely L.O.V.E. Bono. This album, however, made me realize that I absolulely L.O.V.E. U2 as a band as well, separate and distinct from Bono. Their music touches my very soul!!!

Now, my friends also know that I have one child: my beautiful, artistic, eclectic, loving, daughter. She loves all forms of the arts and crafts. She plays indiscriminately with American Girl dolls, Brio trains, Legos, and her new obsession - Bakugan. She fits no mold and is very unique and unorthodox in her being. I love her freedom of spirit, which is seemingly boundless and often relentless.

To ensure full enjoyment of my new U2 album today and to appease my daughter...okay, okay, fine, you got me...I bought the child off. Her afterschool programme was having the first day of their Scholastic Book Fair today. It has been a highlight in our family since my daughter started school at age 3. It's the day when she buys her new books. Today, she got, with little protest from her mother, the Official Bakugan Handbook and has not put it down yet.

I mean, do you seriously believe it is just coincidence that the Scholastic Book Fair and the release of U2's new album occurred on the same day? It's almost as if some one, some thing, some higher power, is intervening in our lives...I guess some may call it Fate.

Well, I now am fatefully and faithfully listening to the strumming of guitar strings by The Edge, the bass guitar of Adam Clayton, the drums and percussion of Larry Mullen Jr. and the distinct, soothing, piercing vocals of BONO.

One Love, Se'Lah

*For information on U2, please visit http://www.u2.com/.

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*For your listening pleasure, here's U2 with "Magnificent":


Operaton You said...

Ok, I have to admit that I've never actually listened to the band U2, but I've heard Bono sing live on tv and liked his voice. Most importantly, I dig his message on equality for all human beings. Indeed!

I'd say that you and your daughter truly had a day full of enjoyment! How exciting! I love to hear about the memories you create.

Operaton You said...

P.S. I listened to the song "Magnificent," and of course I loved it! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

It's weird that I have shared my life with these men. I have seen them from pretty far away. But shared my life with them regardless.
I grew up with them. I have experienced every imaginable emotion with their music as background and also as foreground to what's happening in my life. I have been protected, saved, enthralled, informed, enlightened, encourage and enamored by the sounds they make. I remember that I would ride my scooter from a job late at night (in a sorta not so great neighboorhood) and I would sing their songs as a way to transport me to a safer place.

Anonymous said...

Only you. I don’t have like people I would really like to meet. So I just don’t have those moments. I would love to meet Jesus.