Wednesday, January 13, 2010

for my people...

A few days ago, I was having a conversation with a friend. I explained that I had not written about social issues in quite a while because I wasn't sure my voice was being heard. I wasn't sure if people were receptive to my flowery view of the world. I expressed my dream of travelling throughout the Caribbean and the African diaspora using my words and photos to share our culture and raise awareness about the plight of my people.

The next day, as I was driving to work listening to the Tom Joyner Morning Show, I listened intently as Stephanie Robinson gave a moving historical commentary about one of the most impoverished islands in the Caribbean. She urged listeners to take action on behalf of Haitian residents seeking asylum in the USA. This was on January 7th, which marked the 206th anniversary of the Haitian Revolution. I wanted to share it with you, but hesitated.

I awoke this morning to the most disturbing news. The island of Haiti suffered a catastrophic 7.0 magnitude earthquake. The situation is absolutely unspeakable...collapsed homes, schools, buildings, hospitals, and hundreds of thousands feared dead is just the tip of this iceberg. Many surviving victims are left without medical attention and the basic necessities of life. My people are suffering immensely and are desperate for help. I imagined the frantic mother who tonight longs to hold her child in her arms, but cannot. I couldn't hold back the tears so I came to my blog...and I continue to pray.
*If you would like to help the people of Haiti, I encourage you to visit Wyclef Jean's nonprofit Yele Haiti. Or text the word "YELE" to 501501 to donate $5, (or text the word "HAITI" to 501501 to donate $10), to the Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund.
*You can also visit the ONE organisation to sign a petition for the immediate cancellation of Haiti's $1 billion debt and to ensure that any emergency earthquake assistance is provided in the form of grants, not debt-incurring loans.

One World. One People. One Love.


Marilyn Miller said...

Thanks for opening up your heart and sharing with us. We need more of this. I will definitely donate to help the Haitian people.

Tracy said...

Oh, Se'Lah... your voice is being heard! Never stop to speak of what you are passionate about, to share your feeling and experiences. We always need waking up. :o) Thank you for this extra special post. My heart has been very heavy since hearing the news of what's happened in Haiti. I will be taking a visit to Yele Haiti to help. Thank you for letting us know... ((LOVE & HUGS))

Natty said...

I can only offer my prayers for now - I watched the news exactly when the earthquake happened, there where no images yet - it's heartbreaking...

In 1775 in Lisbon we had a massive earthquake followed by a tsunami and then a massive fire. My city was completly destroyed. 2 weeks ago we had 6.0 magnitude earthquake but it wasnt close enough to make builingd fall - it just shaken some walls. I pray so much that this doesn't happen here.
It had been 300years since Haiti didnt had an earthquake like that one but they had now. And we can have it here as well.

I hope now Haiti gets a chance to build up and that foreign help can help them to develop and grow in terms of life conditions.

Have a blessed day

PS: I leave you the blog of a friend - she has made me a necklace - I think you will enjoy her works. her name is Lídia Luz (light in portuguese)

Birdie said...

Dearest Se'lah, I think that if you speak from your heart, your voice is heard. And even if it would be just for one person to change her/his thinking or action it was worse speaking your voice ... My prayers are with the Haitian people. Thank you for directing us to the nonprofit web site!! Sending you love.

Sherry said...

My friend, your voice is always heard. It may seems sometimes like it is not, but please, never stop speaking, sharing and encouraging about the issues in this world that matter so very much. If you do not, who will?

This is the quote from Edward Everett Hale that my dear friend Kim shared on her blog today and it so applies to you:

"I am only one.

But I am one.

I cannot do everything

but I can do something.

And I will not let

what I cannot do

interfere with what

I can do."

Never stop caring Se'Lah, never stop speaking and do what it is that you do so well. Please. ♥

And we will lift our hearts and our prayers to those in Haiti and send our aid to help those who so desperately need it.

One love.

Darcel said...

Your voice is heard, and I love and admire your view of the world.
I too am thinking of the parents who wish to hold their children and are unable to. My heart breaks for them.

Don't ever think that you are alone.

christina said...

i am continuing to pray.

Heather said...

You know--- your voice is ALWAYS heard by me!

Operaton You said...

I still hear your voice even when I don't visit your blog or haven't talked to you a a short while. I can't imagine the suffering because I'm here safe in my own home but I feel the love that's being sent to all of those beautiful and strong people! I continue to give to this cause at different locations at different times and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to do so!!