Saturday, May 1, 2010

journey to the centre...

approach the entrance of the labyrinth.
go pass the fluttering dragonflies.
aaaah, this is peaceful.

walk slowly through the gates.

as you enter, check the time first please.
it's easy to lose track of time in here.

walk mindfully through the circular path.

you'll see a sign that says
"may peace prevail on earth"
you're getting very close now
for soon you will come to the spot

where you will meet the Buddha.

*This post is dedicated to my kindred spirit m.heart, author of secret notebooks. wild pages. Last weekend, we met for the first time in person. Location? Deep in the woods. For those who already know me, it comes as no surprise that I am a little geographically challenged. So when m.heart told me to meet her at the stairs in front of the labyrinth, it was no easy task. But I eventually found her after taking a few scenic alternate routes. (and yes, I did have my trusted GPS and it was turned on and was just a little tricky to follow along).

So, we decided it would be a good idea to calm our spirits and take a mindful walk through the small, nearby labyrinth. A labyrinth, similar in design and conception to the mandalas of South Asian Buddhism, has long been used as a tool for meditation. The purposeful path represents a journey to our own centre and back again out into the world. It is said that there is only one unicursal path - the way in is the way out. (well, at least it is for most people. exhale).

In the spirit of openness, I will now share a tiny, little secret with you...but only you, okay? We got a little lost in this single-path labyrinth. In time we found our centre, but we just happened to take a different single path. And so m.heart and I shared a deep laugh at ourselves and we shook our heads in bewilderment at our very blurry sense of direction. It was a good moment.


iasa said...

It looks very peaceful, I'm glad the two of you had such a great day!

Cindy said...

Se'lah, What a beautiful place. I am glad you got along so, kindred spirits. blessings to you both. take care.

A Box of Chocolates said...

Ha Ha my husband calls me the human compass with his tongue planted frimly in his cheek. I get lost in my own home town occassionally. Hey what can I say. Lovely place though and so nice to meet a blogger friend

Anonymous said...

looks very peaceful.

PinkInklings said...

A sweet journey with a kindred soul and sunshine on your shoulders...(swoon)Beautiful!

Tracy said...

Such a beautiful place... I would love to get "lost" for hours there! So glad you were able to meet a blog-friend for real. What a sweet, special moment in time. Thank you for sharing a little of the journey with us, Se'Lah :o) Happy Weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

rayfamily said...

Looks like an amazing place!

amelia said...

so peaceful- calming I am sure

Kim Mailhot said...

"If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it's not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take. That's why it's your path. -Joseph Campbell" - a quote I read this week on my friend Patti Digh's facebook page. Kind of gives me shivers from the truth of it. You and your friend took the perfect path, I think. You got to be together longer that way ! :)
Love the photo walk - what a beautiful Buddha !
May the steps you take be easy ones today.
Big Love !

laughingwolf said...


btw, the motto on my page was the same as yours... til i changed it to 'paws and reflect', to be a bit more encompassing ;) lol

Wanda said...

I love labyrinths. The Franciscan Renewal Center that I have visited has one...and has the sign in many languages. Sounds like a lovely time. Who knew that one could find her center with a GPS?

Elizabeth Halt said...

I am pretty much always lost. ;)

It looks so peaceful there.

Gayle said...

What a beautiful place!

Hmmm, I often find myself taking a different single path, too!

beth said...

i haven't been in forever and i must say that new banner is fabulous !

christina said...

oh, this is so sweet. i love that you met m.heart.

margie said...

killing me that someone met you and not me. i would love to meet m heart. the two of you must have had a special day.

Natty said...

Beautiful garden ^_^
Hope your feelling better
Have a blessed week****

rochambeau said...

Hello Se'leh,
Thank you for taking us along too!
Even your photos are spiritual and make me feel at peace to see.
Yes One Love for ALL!!


graceonline said...

Lovely. For a few moments, I felt I was with you on the path. Smelled the green grass, blossoms in the air, perhaps a whiff of water in a nearby pond? Thank you for this respite, and for sharing your divergent path as well. It is good to end with laughter.

ELK said...

what a pair of wanderers you are ..a gentle path shared by two!

Dori said...

What a beautiful place! :)

Please stop by my blog when you get a chance. I have something for you there :)

Marilyn Miller said...

I don't think you really got lost in the labyrinth, but just took your own path to the center. I love walking labyrinth's. I once walked a labyrinth on a herb farm in Vermont, so beautiful. Have also walked them in Portland, but not as beautiful.

Connie said...

Beautiful...many paths lead to the same place :)
May 1st marked the second annual World Labyrinth Day. Many gather at the same time (I think noon) at locations all over the world. I missed going this year.

robin bird said...

how very wonderful for the two of you to meet and in such an inspiring atmosphere too! you know how much i love to see my blogging sisters in person :) i hope this opens up possibilities many more meetings in the future!
one love

SE'LAH... said...

Thanks so much to all of you who joined us on our mindful walk through the labyrinth. always a pleasure to see you here.

one love.

BLOGZOOM said...

I am a friend of Dori, virtual friend. I saw your statement on her blog and Yellow House came to meet you.

Wonderful pictures here!

Cheers from Rio de Janeiro!