Saturday, May 8, 2010

my mother's day gift...

for me, every day is mother's day
but what a special gift mother nature gave me today.
when i stepped outside this morning, i noticed that
the little baby goslings have finally arrived.

isn't it absolutely perfect that
they came out of their shell
just in time for mother's day?

i risked life and limb to take these photos
because mother goose kept snarling at me
as if i was gonna goose-nap her babies or something
(but i can appreciate a mother's protection)

anyways, i thought i'd share with you
after all, it would be quite selfish
to keep a gift like this to myself.

one love.


Cindy said...

Se'Lah...oh my how beautiful this is. They can be very protective of their young. so you are a brave soul. I hope you have a wonderful Mothers day and that all is well in your part of the world. hugs to you. take care.

Shell said...

I saw the Gosslings too where I am on Thursday. It always makes spring official for me when I see them. Happy mother's day to you, Se'lah.

elk said...

to you I say happy mothers day ..blessings and sweet goslings!

Wanda said...

Happy Mother's Day! What cute little fuzz balls.

Kath said...

You know how I feel about birds this week!!!! Happy sister mothers day to you. It was so wonderful to see your baby yesterday. Love you

Tracy said...

Oh, how sweet... what a wonderful moment in time! :o) Happy Mother's Day, dear Se'Lah ((BIG HUGS))

Umā said...

Adorable! Happy Mother's Day Se'Lah!

Unknown said...

Touching! Thanks for risking a goose-attack to share these wonderful photos. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

Anonymous said...

they are adorable. happy mothers day.

APO (Bem-Trapilho) said...

ohhh so sweet!!!
happy mothers day!

Gayle said...

How sweet! Happy Mother's Day!

rochambeau said...

Happy Mother's Day, to you and Mother Goose, Se'lah!!!