Friday, July 16, 2010

it started as a drop...

...and it became a wave!

...dearest Empress,

while i sit here saying praises at the rise of Jah morning sun, i just thought i'd 'fess up to a couple of things. i didn't know exactly how to express to you what you mean to me (they just don't make those words in english). however, i needed you to overstand that you make a significant impact in the everyday life of many, and we are grateful. you've made us take a second look at the simple things we so often take for granted and sincerely give thanks for our blessings. you live your life mindfully, with love, and your spirit is felt across the universe. so, i recruited a few of your blog friends and we planned this little surprise edition of "simple things" as a birthday gift to let you know we love and appreciate you. :)

one love, Se'lah.

margie + kath, soeurs du jour

kim living life, a box of chocolates

birdie, simple ways

kim mailot, queen of arts

constance, rochambeau

katrina, kat's cradle

smith kaith jones, emma tree

polly, sotto voce

simply mel, reverie

grandma k, a bit of blarney

connie, loose lemons

erin wallace, dropped stitches

lady grey, hey, lady grey

kate i, inspired

char, ramblin's

kathryn grace, building ordinary

kristina, vigdis et al.

* * *

happy birthday, Empress Christina!!!
i love you so. wishing you the best of days.

* * *
*ps. if I inadvertently neglected to mention your blog, or if you'd like to join the wave, please email me at and please don't forget to leave your post link for Christina at Soul Aperture.

*pss. winner: Chris, author of An Inch of Time, was randomly selected to receive a set of my handmade prayer flags. Congratulations, my dear! Sending positive vibes your way, always.

Update: Give thanks to all of you for so willingly and generously participating in the secret surprise "simple things" for the Empress' birthday. I had a blast at her virtual blog party. hope you did too.

one love.


Cindy said...

This is beautiful Se'lah, I am going to post mine now. I waited until after you did. lol. I did not want to ruin the surprise. one love.

Susie Hemingway said...

I've done mine too - hope it is as you wish.

Connie said...

this is beautiful and I will be posting shortly!

Yiota said...

Hi Se'lah! Sarah e-mailed me and my post is up. You can add me if you want.
Great idea, by the way!

Chris said...

Beautiful post Se'Lah!!!

Chris said...

You are amazing! I can't believe you managed to pull that many blogs to Christina's birthday celebration!!! I'm laughing because when she finds out she's gonna laugh at all the reading she will have to do in the next couple of days. You're amazing yourself!!!

christina said...


beth said...

your prep for this party is above and beyond what a special friend're amazing !

SE'LAH... said...


PinkInklings said...

I second that YESSSSSSSSSS!
Happy Birthday Christina

Marilyn Miller said...

I love a party. Thanks for including me. Happy Birthday dear Christina.

Joanna Jenkins said...

What a beautiful idea and gift Se'lah. I've been out of town and out of the loop but I already stopped by Christina's to send her some birthday love.

Thanks a million for doing this. It one of the things I love so much about the blog community-- People like you with such generous hearts.

xo jj

Lisa Johnson said...

This was a great idea Se'lah! I haven't made it through the whole list of blogs yet, but just reading these posts makes me feel better about humanity. There are so many wonderful souls out there! ; )

Unknown said...

This is just so beautiful Se'lah! Thank you for asking me to be part of the celebration! The simplest things are what make life bearable on a daily basis and Christina always reminds us of this.

Love to you!
xo Mary Jo

Prairie Girl Studio said...

woot! what a party!
happy birthday, lovely christina!
thanks for the invite, se'lah ...

Carol said...

Se'Lah, you have a beautiful heart! Thanks for organizing this!

Elisa said...

What a sweet sweet act of kindness and love. This true touches me. And comes at the right moment because I recently came across a blog of a fellow blogger who passed away.It truly saddened me.. so to see this post, YOu don't know what an amazing person you are.

Christina is very lucky to have friends like you.

Lynn said...

Hi Chris! I've posted. And what a lovely surprise party you've put together. Touches my heart, as I'm sure it does Christina's. :o)

Pearl Maple said...

Building into quite a party and why not it is a lovey thing to celebrate with on line friends.

SE'LAH... said...

a party is not a party without friends like you
Christina is a blessing and blessed, indeed.

one love to all.

Mary said...

Wow, what a terrific outpouring of love! Thanks so much for giving us all a place to share our birthday wishes with our beautiful friend!

GailO said...

You are a great party planner Se'lah!

meandering pearl said...

oo im sorry im late for a very important date :) what a beautiful idea!!! sending so much loveliness

Unknown said...

smiling BIG over did so well recruiting all of us...stealthy gal you are!!!

we should all be so lucky to have such a friend as you.

Christina is so lucky!!!

SE'LAH... said...

well friends,

you all made this the BEST blog party eva! give thanks.

until we meet love.

ELK said...

so sorry I missed the party ..i was out of town there any cake left???

christina said...

i just wanted to stop in, now that i am not in shock anymore... ; ) thank you, to each one of you. especially you se'lah. what a party!