Tuesday, July 6, 2010

a random act of kindness...

My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.
(Dalai Lama)

Today is the Dalai Lama's 75th birthday!

...and we are celebrating this blessed occasion by doing a random act of kindness. It can be absolutely anything of your choosing, because you know how we do things here in my necessary room - no rules. Just follow your heart and I am confident that it will lead you exactly where you need to be.

I am incredibly impressed with how many kindred spirits I have encountered here in blogland. When I enter this space, I feel interconnected. I don't really know how to explain it in words but somehow, you make the world seem smaller, more intimate, no matter where we are all physically located. I dig that ;)

Today, with love, we are collectively raising our hands to help another being in the universe. And walking hand-in-hand with love, one will always find kindness. I embrace loving-kindness with wide open arms. With so much suffering in the world, at times when I am feeling at a loss, I find my way back to centre by doing something, any thing, for someone else. The act of giving is such a powerful experience. It humbly reminds me that I am never alone and that there is always something I can do to make the world a better place, even if it's only one small act at a time.

I cannot thank you all enough for helping me build this *bridge of love* by doing a random act of kindness today. (and it's never too late to join us.) For those who have yet to decide on what they will do, I thought I'd mention a few ideas of contributions one can make:

~ ~ ~

*help sponsor a nun through the Tibetan Nun Project

*cook a meal for an ill loved one

*give a bouquet of flowers to a neighbour

*make a quilt for a friend's newborn baby

*donate a knitted blanket or hats to the preemie ward of a local hospital

*compliment a stranger, sincerely

*send someone a nice, handwritten letter

*leave a thank you card for your mail delivery person

*make a handmade card for someone you care for

*phone a friend or relative just to say "i love you"

*compile a writing set and give to someone in a nursing home

*deliver flowers to a sick child in the hospital

*send a card to someone abroad in the military

*donate a book you've already read to someone

*put a coin in an expired metre - save someone that ticket

*drop off a new board game to a childcare programme

*donate toiletries to a homeless shelter

*copy a favourite recipe and give it with someone

*donate some books to a local foster home or library

*send someone an anonymous gift

*send a letter your *gift of jewels* pen pal

*host a giveaway on your blog

*the possibilities are endless

(and don't forget to include our lovely children)

~ ~ ~

what will you do today?
I can't wait to greet all of you on the bridge of love.

(Note to self: Self, I know you are technologically-challenged (my friends are probably saying "that's not the only challenge" ;). Even though blogger is eating all the comments today, I will remain positive and happy. Not even blogger can stop us from building this bridge. Perhaps blogger needs a little loving-kindness).


Chris said...

Thanks for all those wonderful ideas, you must have me in mind. HA! The fireworks shot is awesome! I think I know what I will do though and I'm hoping to do it today. Your post speaks volumes about how we should live our lives every day. The Dalai Lama's religion should be everyone's religion, every day. Our world would be a much better place if it were so.

Birdie said...

Beautiful Se'lah you make my heart warm and you make me smile; I love the blog land for the same reason you do ... :-) I try to be kind as much as I can in the daily life even though sometimes I could do so much better ... Today, I want to start with you to tell you that you are a beautiful person and that I feel honored to know you! I'm sending you love, peace, and lots of hugs! Birdie

ELK said...

thank you for a very special message today .. your heart is so kind. I will enjoy this day at your lovely space here!
I will be an adult sponsor at a camp next week and am getting my "birds"ready to randomly appear in different spots there!

Gayle said...

This is so exciting! I love your list. It is something to keep throughout the year.

amelia said...

this is lovely- I am excited to be participating!

Connie said...

I loved your post today and my random act of kindness rather "fell in my lap" today! I also love the Dalai Lama so was happy to help "celebrate" his birthday! Peace & Love, Connie

Birdie said...

Se'lah blogger eat all of your wonderful comments :-(. At least it did let me to read the latest ones and I'm touched by your words! Thank you for all the kind words you did share for my son, it touches me more then I could possibly write here! You are so right about the babies - we have so much to learn from them. Our son has been through so so much and yet he is a very happy child. That makes my heart sing :-)
I was thinking that we could start to organize a "random act of kindness" on a regular basis, maybe to pick up one day every months ... of course everyone should be kind every single day but sometimes ones in a months 'random act of kindness' could be a good reminder to all of us ... one love.

Tracey said...

Sigh.... another wonderful thing to participate in & a great list; I'm gonna copy it as I love doing RAK!! I have completed my part of the bridge of love; I just remembered 2 more 'bridges' i'd like to 'build'. Se'Lah... there are no words. Love, me :-)

Joanna Jenkins said...

I hope you make this an annual tradition. It's beautiful and heart-felt.

Today I'm caring for a sick friend.

xoxox jj

Darcel @ The Mahogany Way said...

The world is still full of kind people doing kind things for one another.
So glad I got to participate in building the bridge of love.

Blessing to you and yours Se'lah :)

Cathie said...

beautiful moments sweet friend that we should do more often.
kids & I made some yummy treats for a sick friend & are going to visit her today hoping to bring a smile to her face.
hugs to you lovely ♥

Shell said...

A truly lovely way to celebrate the Dalai Lama and encourage others to continue to be kind and remember we all in this together.

Elizabeth Halt said...

Such great ideas. I'm glad I got to participate.


anupama said...

Good Morning!
I am so happy to read your post inspiring the readers to be kind.Kindness prevails.Dear,you have given beautiful suggestions to show kindness.
The most inexpensive gift of kindness is giving a smile that is straight from our heart.
Feeling nice to be at your space and very happy to be a brick in the bridge of love!
Wishing you a wonderful day ahead,

susanna said...

What a great idea! You have a list here, Se'lah. Count me in!

SE'LAH... said...

I'm at a loss for words but I just couldn't go to sleep without first saying THANKS to everyone who participated in building the *bridge of love*. Wow!

Wanda said...

Turns out I received the kindness I was going to give.

Happy Birthday, DL...
and today (7/7/10)...

to my brother who is 60...

and RINGO STARR who is 70!

ruma said...

The scene is really beautiful.

Your photography is splendid.

Thank you for showing a wonderful moment...

From the Far East.