Thursday, March 17, 2011

our changing world...

all across the globe
there is great suffering
i can feel it in my heart

Earth Hour 2011
i will again take 7 minutes
to pray for those in need.

* Earth Hour will be observed worldwide at 8:30 pm on on Saturday, March 26, 2011.  Like our festival of love, Gift of Jewels project, this has now become an annual event here in my necessary room.  Candles. Prayers. Love.  what more can a girl ask for?

*Special acknowledgments:

- my sweet emerald isle.  may your enduring spirit quiet the rumbling earth.

- to our brothers and sisters in Haiti, clinging to hope for assistance.  i still see you. 

- oh japan.  first hiroshima and nagasaki.  now this?   i hold you up in prayer.

- to those living in areas of turmoil on the African continent, oh how i wish for peace.

- to all the sufferars, if only i had the resources...but for now, i give you my love.

- to Selah's Angels...thank you so much for all that you do.

- thanks to all of you for your continued support.  i couldn't ask for better blog friends.  one love.


Sherry said...

Your amazing heart is always filled for make the world a better place. I'll join you for that 7 minutes of prayer during earth hour xo

Cindy said...

Dear Se'lah, The last two days I was very saddened by happenings around the globe, I will be joining you in prayer during earth hour. hugs to you.

Anyes said...

Your light always shines to show us the way, 7 minutes of prayers during earth hour, sent towards all those suffering is a powerful spiritual gesture, coming form all our hearts. You are an angel, Se'Lah

Joanna Jenkins said...

So, so beautiful.
This video is inspiring and beautiful, just like you.
xo jj

Anonymous said...

A loving tribute. Thank you.

Tracy said...

Happily I'll be joining you next week for prayer during Earth Hour, my friend. :o) I just bought new candles special for the occasion. Thank you for being such a bright light, always... LOVE YOU ((BIG HUGS))

Tracey said...

when I grow up, I hope to have just a fraction of a heart like yours, dear friend.

Gail said...


you are all that is good and 'just' and right in this world for you are LOVE