Friday, April 29, 2011

the frilly dress...

poverty is slavery
i used to think it a bit harsh
but as time goes on
and i witness with my own eyes
the incredible suffering on this abundant earth
the worst yet felt by those who are poor
i can now say i believe that
poverty is slavery

*  * *

almost a fortnight ago, little se'lah began to try on her frilliest, fanciest dresses.  curious little child, i thought, and then i transformed into her most loyal personal dressing room assistant.  ;)  

early this morning, right when it was time to get ready for school of course, she began frantically searching for her tiara.  after much effort, she couldn't locate it so she settled for my humble offer to put some ribbons in her hair. (note to self - buy a damn tiara for moments like these - exhale).  she was soooo happy in her dress because it was royal wedding day at school and her mommy actually let her wear a dress to school.  can you say red letter day?!

as i walked mindfully throughout my day, my heart skipped a beat as i thought about my precious little princess being so amp'd up over the royal wedding,  before i could find myself getting too engulfed in the fairytale, these sobering words, live within your means, rushed into my consciousness.  i paused for a moment to ponder the stark reality - while $60 million was spent on this one lavish wedding, there are people still living in abject poverty in british colonies today.  (exhale).  my mind wandered to the people of montserrat, haiti, japan, the southern US, those living in war torn regions of Mama Afrika, and all the sufferars around the world.  overflowing with emotion, i fell on bended knee and lifted them up in prayer.  

please remember the most vulnerable populations of the world and say a prayer for them.

have a conscious friday and a divine weekend.  one love.


Sherry said...

You always know how to strike at the heart of the consciousness and the core of the matter. On one hand, you want your own princess to be blessed and feel part of the activity that the school is staging. And she wanted a tiara but was happy with ribbons. Point #1.

And then you think about the exhorbitant cost to stage this wedding in England...when money is tight in so many places and poverty reigns and we need to "live within our means". Life is just such a contradiction and juxtaposition.

So your princess wore ribbons and looked beautiful of that I have no doubt. And she was happy in her dress and her beautiful hair. A tiara? That she would never use again? Wasteful.

As always....beautifully said.

Darcel said...

I bet she looked beautiful in her dress. I had no idea that much money was spent on the wedding. WOW!
So many people are excited about the wedding, and I get why, but like you said at the same time there is so much sorrow going on around us.

A Box of Chocolates said...

it is so terrible i know and we will always have the poor with us the bible says. we can do a little to help those we meet though and those we hear of.
i bet your baby Se'Lah was a most beautiful princess too

Chris said...

Sherry's comment -- I can't say it any better. But it's beautiful to see Kate and William, two beautiful people, so much in love with each other and life. But on the other hand the cost of the wedding and knowing how many people or places that money could have helped. One can't rationalize this.

ELK said...

a smile today .. a princess little Selah is

Kim Mailhot said...

Sharing what we have, using less, Being more, loving most of all...One Love.
Keeping prayers and love around that one divine way to live.
Love and light to you and your beautiful ribboned princess, Se'lah, my friend.

Gail said...


And it is for this reason I did not watch the wedding, could not would not watch. Such lavish expense! And you are SO right my friend, poverty is slavery. And it creates such a desperation in people that they can do the unthinkable so to survive. A vicious cycle to say the least. I love your mind - oyur spirit - your Love

Tracy said...

Princess Se'Lah... *smile* ;o) I confess I did watch the Royal Wedding and was a bity swnoony over the romance. But also mindful of what expenditure such and undertaking cost. One is humbled in one's every day life to live abundantly within one's means. And to remember those who have less...Joingin you in *prayers* for all who struggle...((LOVE & HUGS))

Cindy said...

Se'lah, wise words here. I watched the wedding because of their love story. The money could have helped so many, although the wedding itself will fuel a new erra of hope in England. .....joining in prayers for all who struggle. have a great week.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Royal wedding day at school-- That sounds fun. But you're right, on the flip side the money spent could have gone to much, much better causes.
xo jj

christina said...

indeed my friend! i know she was beautiful.

let da bread be a broken!

one love~