Saturday, August 13, 2011

on a saturday morn...

i remember Mama baking
i was right there by her side
she had the best cake pans, i thought
and i had a tuna can (no lie).
even though i'm all grown up now
the memories still stay the same
but now i've got some real cake pans
and i love to play with them. ;)

wishing you a divine weekend.
remember to treasure the ones you love.


Gail said...

oh yes, such sweet and savory memories. My Mom and I baked bread together for many years and gave loaves as gifts. She is now almost 88 - and today I will lovingly pick her up after her life-saving dialysis. I made her pasta with my home made sauce and zucchini parmesan. Two of her favorites :-) She is a miracle. Have a beautiful weekend.
Love Gail

Lisa Johnson said...

Yum! Your baking looks wonderful. And love the memories with your mom. : )

Anyes said...

You certainly know how to bake and this photograph truly is showcasing your culinary talents. I would love to be in your kitchen right now and smell the aromas left over. Have a wonderful week-end :-)

Kim Mailhot said...

Delicious !
Tomorrow is apparently National Waffle day so my hubby will be getting his favorite for breakfast.
Happy Weekend, Lovley One !

ELK said...

these are the very best kinds of memories ~ sweet weekend friend!!

Cindy said...

You always have the greatest advice Se'lah. I have a friend that makes fruit cakes at Christmas in soup cans. I love getting her round cakes at Christmas. be well my friend. hugs.

Tracy said...

That your famous banana bread?!---nom-nom... ;o) Such a sweet story... I have lots of memories baking with my Mom. I have a couple of her baking pans, which I love using. I haven't baked in a few weekends...must remedy with a sweet treat. tee-hee... Happy Week, dear friend ((LOVE & HUGS))

suzanna said...

my mouth is watering. what beautiful memories! hope all is well with you.

Tracey said...

awww... that was precious and those cakes look delicious!!! What are the ingredients? ;-)

christina said...

oh these look good!