Sunday, November 13, 2011

pure + innocent...

i cradle my own
with infinite joy and fullness,
melting into each other
my heart overflows.
oh how i feel blessed.

but what about them?
the pure and innocent children
who endure brutal victimisation
at the hands of unrighteous men.
who will cradle them?

*Did you know that every 5 hours a child dies from abuse or neglect in the USA -- the highest/worse child abuse rate in the "industrialised" world?  (exhale).  prayers sent up for safety of all children.  one love.


A Box of Chocolates said...

it breaks my heart it really does how can they do that to these babies. But I see the children who are loved, adored, protected and i breathe a sigh of relief for them.
love girl

margie said...


Tracy said...

That statistic is so heartbreaking... I didn't know that...*sighs*... Praying with you, my friend ((LOVE & HUGS))

Anyes said...

Sending prayers to all the children being abused in our "civilized" world. Reading this physically hurts and I want to thank you Se'Lah for reminding me of the needless suffering of innocent ones.

Elizabeth Halt said...

I did not know it was that high. Sending prayers up with yours.

Operaton You said...

Gorgeous photo! Yes, I stand with you in releasing the love, support and beauty I feel inside for these children.