Tuesday, December 6, 2011


There are good ships,
and there are bad ships,
but the best ships are friendships.


There's a special kind of freedom friends enjoy.
freedom to share innermost thoughts,
to ask a favor, to show their true feelings.
The freedom simply to be themselves.


A friend loves at all time. (Proverbs 17:17)

~ ~ ~

I am lost in thoughts and emotions about the formation of friendship in children.  

What words of wisdom do you share with the children in your life? 


Anyes said...

I had to think this one through the whole day...Here is my answer

Friendships are treasures that need nurturing and love to grow. Small gestures often go a long way to nurture them :-)

Gayle at Planet M Files said...

This is a very tough one. My daughter had what I thought were two very good friends, but through her most difficult times they did not stick with her. It breaks my heart. I have told her to remember that they are kids and they don't yet know how to deal with the difficulties she has had.

Joanna Jenkins said...

My best advice is that kindness is important.
xo jj

Relyn Lawson said...

At the start of each school year I tell my class that I have a gift for them. Their gift is 17-21 new friends. My gift to them is that I will teach them how to keep those friends. And I do. We start first with tone of voice and gentle words.

Birdie said...

so i'm coming here and there to try to comment on this one ... it's a great question and very difficult and i do not no the answer ... the words of wisdom - kindness, loving oneself bc i believe only then we can truly love others and receive love back ... sending love your way dear Se'lah!

Birdie said...

and i'm back Se'lah ... still thinking about what i wrote ... maybe it is not that difficult, maybe it is us who makes is difficult, when we come with loving and open hearts the friendships will blossom ... we should also know that everything changes, and people do to ... some friendship will last some will not ... maybe when the friendship doesn't bring us/them anything new for our/their grow we should let it go ... gosh you made me thinking with this one :-)
ps: hope C is well ...