Monday, October 7, 2013

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!!

Be aware.  Take care.  Bless all the breasts. 

Blessed love to those who have been touched, however slightly.
one love.

p.s.   miss you, my wonderful blog friends


Cindy said...

One love Se'lah, I think of you often, sending love and wishes for great health your way.

Lyn said...

I miss you too beautiful lady. Hope you are well and at peace.

Gail said...

HELLO LOVE, I am SO happy to "see" you. I think of you often and hold you precious in my heart.
Love Gail

Marilyn Miller said...

I also miss you and think of you, wondering how you are doing. Nice post.
I am well and busy. Haven't been visiting many blogs just recently.

Kass said...

I have so many friends who have experienced breast cancer. 14 women within a square mile of where I grew up (three have died). It makes me wonder about environmental contributions as well as heredity.

So glad for the support and awareness.