Sunday, November 7, 2010

sweet november...

enjoying the sights and sounds of sweet november.

how about you?

* * *

i'm so looking forward to joining all of you, as we collective perform random acts of kindness on Saturday, November 13, 2010 in celebration of World Kindness Day...but i must confess, i've been sneaking in a few of them already ;).  i simply could not resist...

Thanks to all of you who've joined in.  (waving at Anyes):

Tracy, pink purl

Vickie, operation you

Birdie, simple ways

Christina, soul aperture

Joanna Jenkins, the fifty factor

Kathryn Grace,  building ordinary

Flwrjane,  small but charming

Kate i,  inspired

Belle,  still dreaming...

Teresha,  marlie and me

Amy, tilting at windmills

Elizabeth,  retinal perspectives

Elaine, moongipsies

Jennifer, reminders2bepresent

Teresa O, the cottage on the corner

Sunnymama, sunny day today mama

thank you friends.  one love.


Gail said...

HI SeLah-
Oh how I love the way you gather us together to share love and light and kindness.
And I love the stillness of November - naked trees - the wind a strong silent force - the sky firm in it's early darkness - it is itme to 'listen'.
Love to you and for all that you do'

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

hello my sweet made me HAPPY to see you today

i send you love


rayfamily said...

Wonderful to see everyone participating! I'm in too!

Tracy said...

It is such fun to see how many are participating. And I am so glad to be joining in! November is a gentle time, I find, and I like that. So happy to see you here in blogland today, my friend. Happy week :o) ((LOVE & HUGS))

Gayle said...

Se'Lah, your kindness is year-round!

Anyes said...

Waving back to you Se'Lah ;-) and loving this beautiful photograph of the ocean. Looking forward to this Saturday...A fine group of awesome ladies is gathered here, really neat.

Lisa Johnson said...

I'm going to start planning! This is going to be fun! Have a great week!

VM Sehy Photography said...

Trying to enjoy the snow! Perhaps I will get in the spirit if we go sledding this weekend. Thank you for the mention in the links.

Kass said...

What a great idea!

PixieDust said...

Oh, my! There will be all sorts of kindness going on, yes?

What a lovie you are to have done this... (((hugs)))!


Operaton You said...

It is such a joy to participate in something so needed!!! I'm having a blast thinking and showing people who they are in kindness.

Elizabeth Halt said...

it's hard to believe it's november already, but it definitely is beautiful.

i'll have to join in on this one, even if i don't blog about it. pondering happily ..

julochka said...

i am trying to prepare myself, but will admit i'm not feeling that kind at the moment...i hope, desperately, that this helps.

Dori said...

November is beautiful indeed! Lots of love to you :)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Wow, what a great turnout for Nov 13th! YEAH.

xo jj

Teresa O said...

What a wonderful event, Se'lah! I'm going to keep this mind tomorrow as I go about the day and entertaining out of town guests.


sunnymama said...

I'll be joining you tomorrow for a random act of kindness. Much love to you Se'Lah :)

Unknown said...

RAK really got me out of a spiraling funk. I did some stuff yesterday with a women's shelter and today we are passing out brand new socks to the homeless. I feel so blessed to be an a position to do this. Thanks for being you.

Operaton You said...

I've decided the World Kindness Day is everyday and I will write about it! Thank you for opening my eyes and my heart, once again!