Saturday, March 26, 2011

sprinkle the jewels...

i think i will go to the post office
and pick out the prettiest stamp they have
to put on my *gift of jewels* postcard.
(little se'lah)
~ ~ ~
I want to thank you all for making this special international pen-pal project possible. By now, each of you should have received a personal email from me with the contact information for the secret intended recipient of your jewel. If you have not received yours, please feel free to notify me at

Approximately 50 jewels are being sprinkled from 11 different countries around the globe and one of them will soon land in your mailbox.   where will yours come from i wonder? hmmmm...

Puerto Rico

Remember, since no two people have each other, no one else knows who or where their jewel is coming from so please do not spill the beans. ;) You may send your jewel anonymously if you so desire, or you may include your return mailing address. either way is love.

All *gift of jewels* should be mailed on or before
April 22, 2011, Earth Day.

One World. One People. One Love.

*may i ask one little favour of you? when you receive your jewels, could you please stop by this post and share your thoughts with us. to make it easier, the *gift of jewels* photo button in the sidebar will directly link to this post. 

Happy Earth Hour!

let the festivities begin..


Tracey said...

this is such a wonderful idea! Teachers don't get near the recognition they should.

Sherry said...

sprinkling love and jewels of friendship...already planning what I'm sending..have been for to do the finishing touches!!! ♥

Sherry said...

My gift is going in the mail tomorrow...can't wait to see what everyone has to share!

Sherry said...

I received my gift -- a beautiful postcard from Texas...a photograph that was taken by my new friend Sharon Renick! Such a delight to find in my mailbox today -- thank you Sharon, I love it!! xo

Operaton You said...

I've sprinkled my jewels! I sprinkled all that I ask for myself and gave them away!

Gayle said...

I received my jewel yesterday! It is a lovely Soul Aperture notecard from Dawn in Austria! I am off to visit her blog right now!

christina said...

i received my jewel and i adore it. and from one of my favorite people.
thank you for this.. for spreading the love. xo

Kate I said...

I've received my lovely jewel from Connie at Loose Lemons. Thanks for organizing this connector of beautiful spirits Se'lah!

julochka said...

i rec'd my lovely jewel from joanna back around easter. sorry for not reporting it sooner! it's so nice to receive such sparkles in one's mailbox, when usually it's full of ads and boring bills...


Cathi said...

I received my jewels, some beautiful photos and a wonderful letter! Thank you so much for spreading smiles! xxoo :)

Kim Mailhot said...

I received my lovely card and sweet note from Vickie in GA. Thanks for the gift of jewels love, Se'lah ! Hugs !

iasa said...

I got my jewel from Kansas. It was so nice to have something special waiting for when I got home.

Dawn said...

Received a lovely card with mommy and baby elephant from Teresha at
Thank you!

Joanna Jenkins said...

My beautiful jewel arrived today from Christina and was sooooo worth the wait. She is an amazing and inspirational woman and I'm thrilled to have received a personal message from her.

A million thanks to you for making all this love happen. You are a true angel.

xoxo jj

Anonymous said...

I got my lovely postcard GOJ today!!! So happy! It came from Kim in Australia! Love Australia. I've never been able to go there, but this was like a quick visit. Thank you Kim for the great postcard and note on it and to Se'Lah for hostessing such a fun exchange. Now, I must go visit Kim's blog so I can let her know I got her card.

Sharon in TX

Pearl Maple said...

received my lovely post card with nice thoughts to match

thank you for hosting the gift of jewels